Thursday, 2 September 2010

spudbar, fitzroy - takeaway

After a long week at work, watching episodes of The Office while munching on a hearty, healthy spud dinner sounded like a great idea, so off to Spudbar we go. My partner in crime, Simon, swooped in on the Chicken & Chorizo while I went for the Moroccan Chicken.

Simon took the simple route with just a sprinkle of salt on his...

Chicken & Chorizo Spud

I, of course, could not resist my usual helpings of dried chilli, garlic and onions. 

Moroccan Chicken Spud

Halfway through eating mine I decided to take one more picture, just because I adore playing with my shiny new camera and posting the photographs to my shiny new blog. I still wanted to get back to my food quickly though, so I did not bother too much with lighting. The consequences of my hastiness appears to have imparted a rather romantic aura to my half-eaten spud. Behold my masterpiece, The Massacre of the Spud by Candlelight.

mmm, yummy.

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