Sunday, 12 September 2010

random food encounters: a stranger's cupcake

You know what they say: don't accept food from strangers. Stranger danger, and all that.

Well, I did. I got on the tram this weekend and the girl on the seat facing me asks, "excuse me, would you like this cupcake? They gave it to me at the cafe, but I have allergies so I can't have it."

She seemed nice. She had a pretty face, sweet auburn hair and glasses, and I had also been admiring her sense of fashion prior to the cupcake offer. Not that any of those are necessarily good indicators of whether or not to accept a cupcake from a stranger. Anyway, I said, "oh okay, thanks!", and accepted the cupcake.

I held the cupcake in my hand for awhile, contemplating its potential hazards. Unfortunately, a cupcake with sticky icing isn't really the sort of thing I can just surreptitiously stash in my bag and dispose of later. I thought what the hell... I'll eat it. She had a hot takeaway drink in her hand, with the words "Cocoa Patisserie" printed on it. It does sound like the kind of place where you could get cute little cupcakes. And really, how many crazed serial killers are out there hopping on trams and offering poisoned cupcakes to random commuters?

I had a couple of bites before I thought hey! This would make a good story, I need to take a picture of this. So there you go.

cupcake from Cocoa Patisserie, courtesy of a stranger on the tram

I thanked her for the cupcake again after I finished eating it, and she said that before I got on the tram, she had tried offering it to a few people, and none of them accepted it. So I guess I was the only sucker.

By the way, the cupcake was quite nice, and I'm still alive. Lucky me! :D


  1. Phew, glad the cupcake wasn't laced with any nasty substances! I think I would be pretty suspicious of a free cupcake being offered on the tram, but I'm glad you were brave and took it. :)

  2. I hardly hesitated taking it so I think my first instincts told me it was fine to accept - it was only when I had it in my hand that learnt suspicions crept in. I think this could make an interesting social experiment actually - at one point I even thought I may be the subject of one. :P


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