About Me

For the longest time I've resisted creating an "About Me" page. Partly due to laziness and procrastination, but also partly because I do like a bit of anonymity and my blog is my sanctuary - I don't know if I want it to get too crazy personal.

However, I love reading other people's "About Me" pages, and I've noticed through my blog stats that my visitors often jump to my Blogger profile page to find out more about me, which must invariably leave them disappointed as it sadly doesn't offer much in the way of voyeuristic delights.

So here we are...

I am Malaysian, with a Chinese background - part Hokkien, part Teochew. I came to Australia half a lifetime ago, and these days I regard Melbourne as my second home.

(from 2007 to 2014) By day I work in an unremarkable office job in Melbourne. By night I waste time on the Internet. In between I cook, eat and blog. I do a bit of freelance writing and recipe development on the side. I read. I play capoeira. I dabble in music. I consume frozen cheesecake.

(second half of 2014) Experiencing the freedom and exhilaration of travel on an indefinite timeline. Pure joy.

(from 2015 to 2017) I am a casual worker at a restaurant in Perth, and do some freelance writing on the side. I've gotten a bit lazy with this blog, but it's still a favourite place for me.

(from 2018 onwards) Another trip spanning several months in several countries, and it's back to Melbourne! I also don't really post here anymore... but I actually still come back to read my posts sometimes. Perhaps one day, I might post again?

I like to see where my ingredients take me. This means throwing a meal together with what's cheap, or what I already have. It also means being drawn to a particular ingredient while doing my grocery shopping, taking it home and having fun with it. Other times, I like to tackle the specific cravings and ideas I have churning around my mind and my tummy. Above all, the less effort it is, the better.

As you can see, I'm still figuring things out... but life is mostly good.

Feel free to contact me - theindolentcook [at] gmail [dot] com.

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