Sunday, 24 April 2011

easy vegan chocolate pancakes

vegan chocolate pancakes.

I like Easter, because it means I get a few days off work. It means I get to sleep in. And it means that, when I finally wake up, I have all day to do whatever I feel like. Such as making these vegan chocolate pancakes, to celebrate all the aforementioned things I like about Easter.

I know I probably should've made something to go with the pancakes. However, I was having one of those lazy mornings... okay, fine, fine, every morning is a lazy morning in my household. So anyway, I had them just as they were, simple and plain with no embellishments. If I make these again, though, I think I'll pair them with a generous scoop of vanilla ice cream. That will go down a treat - now why did I not come up with this basic yet brilliant idea earlier? Still, there's always next time...

vegan chocolate pancakes (serves 1 - 2)

1/2 cup self-raising flour (Or 1/2 cup plain flour + 3/4 teaspoon baking powder)
1 tablespoon unsweetened cocoa powder (more if you like 'em rich)
1 tablespoon raw sugar (more if you like 'em sweet)
1/8 teaspoon salt
3/4 cup coconut milk

- Combine the dry ingredients in a bowl, create a well in the middle then add in the coconut milk and stir till combined. Do not overmix. Let it stand for a few minutes.
- Heat a little oil in a frying pan over medium heat. (If using a non-stick pan, the oil may be omitted.)
- Pour approximately 3 tablespoons batter (just under 1/4 cup) into the pan for each pancake, and cook until bubbles form on the surface, then flip over and cook for another minute or so.
- Serve immediately, with your favourite toppings.

these vegan chocolate pancakes are light and moist in texture, but rich in cocoa flavour.


  1. These looks delish! Perfect way to start the weekend! :)

  2. I can totally relate to your lazy morning (still feeling a bit lazy myself...) but I have to say, I think I'm going to whip up a batch of these right now :) Love the addition of coconut milk. Thanks for sharing and go enjoy your day off!

  3. Delicious! I'd love to try these!

  4. Thanks wgfoodie, I wish you a lovely weekend too!

    Thanks Maria!

    Michelle - I thought about it but wasn't really in a mood for cinnamon. Also I prefer cinnamon with milk, honey, vanilla... less so with cocoa/chocolate.

  5. Oooh, yes yes yes! It's been a really long time (read: over a decade) since I've made/eaten pancakes. Factoring in my chocolate mind and my lack of eggs in the fridge, this seems wonderful :)

  6. lovely and thanks for sharing, this will be great on the days we are vegetarian at home.

  7. Oh yes.. nothing to get me out of the bed quicker than CHOCOLATE PANCAKES! NOM NOM.. what if you drizzled bits of chocolate on this and served it with chopped granny smith and syrup... OOoOo

  8. Yes Hannah - time to break out from the pancake drought! ;)

    Thanks Nava! I usually make them with eggs but I'm pretty pleased with how these eggless pancakes turned out.

    Ooh msihua, that sounds decadent and luscious... excellent idea!

  9. These have gone onto my vegan friendly list of things to make - but I will definitely try them out on omnivores too!

  10. oh yum pancakes these look awesome!

  11. Excellent Foodycat, would love to hear back on how they go for you. :)

    Thanks Betty! :)

  12. Great work. Keep up with the great vegan food.

  13. Lovely! Coconut milk is a great way to go in vegan recipes, huh?


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