Wednesday, 27 April 2011

going green: lettuce pear salad smoothie

lettuce pear salad smoothie: green, but not too green.

Green smoothies. The concept just doesn't sit completely comfortably with me. It conjures up the traumatic days of my childhood, the days when my parents were in the fervent throes of the wheatgrass fad. They grew their own wheatgrass with diligence, harvested them with enthusiasm and every so often I will have a cup of freshly blended wheatgrass juice cheerily slotted into my hands. Bless them, my parents want only the best for my health. But that thin swampy-looking liquid that smelt and tasted like freshly mowed lawn... well, it just had zero appeal for me.

But I had an idea the other day, where I thought perhaps - just perhaps - I could introduce a little bit of green in my smoothies. Not dark green. Not even medium green. But just a little pale green - we are, after all, talking baby steps here - in the form of lettuce. I thought that could be alright. And I'm glad to report that it was... better than alright, actually. So it's not super green, but I've added vegetables to my smoothie - and enjoyed it! A small but worthy achievement, that.

pear salad smoothie for one

1 very ripe and soft large pear, chopped
2 cos lettuce leaves, torn in pieces
1/4 cup unsweetened natural or greek yoghurt
4 almonds, dry toasted in a pan
4 mint leaves
2 tablespoons orange juice
1/2 tablespoon honey
4 ice cubes

Blend all ingredients until smooth.

So imagine a light and healthy salad with fresh pears and lettuce, strewn through with mint leaves and toasted almonds, then drizzled with an orange, yoghurt and honey dressing. Then slightly shift your paradigm, and imagine that again, but in smoothie form. Are you feelin' it? Oh yeah, I'm feelin' it.

light and refreshing, fruity and nutty and just a little bit lettucey.


  1. That is amazing! You may have hit on something here.

  2. Hahah I totally get you on the taste of freshly mowed lawn, no description is better than that to conjure the exact taste of wheat grass! Ok I shall trust you on this and give it a go :)

  3. Thanks Foodycat! I was happy that the idea translated quite nicely in reality, as it's not always the case!

    Exactly Min! I hope you enjoy this much better. ;)

  4. This looks delicious! I could definitely go for one for breakfast, and I love your combo of flavors - very interesting and I bet very yummy!

  5. Oh no. It's a slippery slope. Today you've got lettuce. Tomorrow it'll be a handful of spinach. One day we might find you pulling up grass in order to chase that "freshly mowed grass" taste again. ;)

  6. Unlike Agnes, I refuse to poke fun, because I love spinach in my smoothies. I'm also utterly delighted with this recipe as my green smoothie making has faltered with the exponential increase in banana prices. I have pears, though. Hurrah!

  7. Thanks Georgia!

    Haha Agnes! At least then I will have gorgeous glowing skin. Quite unlikely, though, considering the other stuff I eat throughout the day...

    Hurrah, Hannah! Banana prices are indeed crazy these days. But I'm happily devouring cheap pears and persimmons.

  8. I like to add fruits and other vegetables in green smoothie. Then a fruity freshly mowed lawn. Your lettuce pear salad smoothie is a great idea.

  9. I was attracted to the photo and just love the macro photography. But, now I am intrigued by the smoothie. Another great blog from Australia!

  10. Thanks tigerfish! A fruity freshly mowed lawn does sound slightly more acceptable. ;)

    Thanks Sarah, glad you enjoyed your time here! :D

  11. I adore green smoothies! I'll have to try this one soon!

  12. I add a splash of vodka instead for a lazy Sunday morning recovery....perhaps not! :)

  13. If you adore green smoothies I suppose you should't have any problem with this one Maria! :)

    chopinandmysaucepan, that sounds very naughty. ;)

  14. That sounds wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy to healthy for me.. but kudos on drinking this! Hehehe

  15. A very interesting combination of ingredients. I don't think I have ever tasted pears with mint in the same dish: I must try.

  16. haha, freshly mowed lawn - yeah, not appealing. I need to get more into green smoothies. I've only had one (from a cafe), and it was amazing - lots of avocado and mango. Yours looks delightful!
    Heidi xo

  17. I just hopped on the green smoothie bandwagon also, great way to get some green into my day :)

  18. Haha msihua. It's nice honestly!

    Simona, the ingredients in this smoothie worked quite harmoniously together, I think. :)

    Heidi - the green smoothie you had sounds great! I might try something similar next time I make another one.

    CC11 - yay for another fresh green smoothie convert! :D


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