Friday, 5 November 2010

mr natural vegetarian pizza, fitzroy north

Bean sprouts on pizza? Curry sauce?

Let's get it out of the way right from the beginning, Mr Natural Vegetarian Pizza on the quiet end of Brunswick St, North Fitzroy is not a place for pizza purists. Their pizzas are so loaded with toppings that the crust almost drowns under the juicy weight of all those ingredients - some of which can be quite unorthodox. However, if that's how you like your pizzas, or if you don't mind either way (I fall into this latter category) then read on to assess whether you may find them worth checking out if you're in the neighbourhood, especially for those after gluten-free or vegan options.

It's the Razorback!

On yet another rainy spring day we called to make a pick-up order for two medium pizzas. Simon, who has had their pizzas before, decided on one that he is familiar with, the Razorback, and I, the newbie, went with the Natural for the obligatory eponymous introduction to their pizzas...

The Razorback, to me, sounds like haphazard Chinese takeaway on a pizza. Beanshoots, corn, tofu? Really? And with cheese? But surprisingly, I liked the combination.

The Natural, on the other hand, is an odd mix of spicy Indian (potatoes, vindaloo curry sauce) and Mediterranean (olives, feta). Yet again, it somehow worked for me.

And here's the Natural.

The pizzas here are very hearty and filling, with interesting flavour combinations. However, they can be quite wet and/or greasy, which makes them less appealing than they would be otherwise. It's a mix of pros and cons and personally I still feel undecided on my verdict. Don't you just hate when that happens!

Other notes: Pick-up orders are approximately a 20-minute wait, they're open only in the evenings, certain deals are available on different days (check the website), and there's also a store in St Kilda. 

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  1. I put Roasted Cauliflower with Indian Spices on top of pizza dough before and finish off baking with cheese melting atop the pizza and I enjoyed it. I think those combination you are talking about is not strange to me. And it can taste quite delicious.

  2. Yeah, the topping combinations at Mr Natural don't really appeal to me. Though it's further out of the way, I've recently been obsessing over the ones at Plush Pizza!

  3. Yep tigerfish - I remember commenting on that post of yours! :)

    Cindy, I agree that it's not for everyone, though in my case I quite like the combinations - just not so much the execution. And I have to say, based on photos, Plush Pizza does look great - really fresh and not so oily!

  4. What an interesting pizza... and I'm always on the hunt of pizzas!

  5. yeh, i'm probably not such a fan of over-greasy, over-topped pizzas =(. Though they do look pretty tasty in the photos hehe.

  6. oh yeh, and i presume u have tried bimbo deluxe? my sister said its pretty decent =)... haven't been myself yet.

  7. msihua - true! I've got some pizza places on my wishlist I need to get around to visiting...

    Al, I've probably tried most of the pizzas (including the dessert ones) from Bimbo Deluxe, some are delicious and others less so... as long as I order the right thing, I like it, plus the prices are great! They also have a sister bar in Windsor called Lucky Coq which has pretty much the same stuff.

  8. Those do sound like pretty unique pizza combinations. I've actually been wanting to try a pizza with Indian-esque topping...I imagine it would be delicious.

  9. Those have got to be the most unique pizza combinations I've heard of yet! Points for originality. :)

  10. Indie.Tea and Agnes - I agree! Feeling a bit inspired to make my own unique pizzas now!

  11. This is the pizza of my dreams. I've made Mexican pizza before, but never an Asian/Indian one.


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