Wednesday, 17 November 2010

breizoz french creperies, fitzroy

Where to go for dinner on a Tuesday night? Simon had said he was going to cook some fish but at half past eight there was no kitchen action yet and I was getting really hungry. Fortunately, we are spoilt for choices in Fitzroy. It had been a long time since we had crepes, so I suggested Breizoz French Creperies, located near the corner of Gertrude and Brunswick Street. I've heard good things about them via crepe threads on food forums, and it had since drifted about in my mental list of places I'd like to try. Also, one of our first non-dates was at a creperie, and I thought it would be nice to re-visit that memory, albeit at a different one.

We were greeted by the wonderful smell of buttery crepes the moment we walked in the door and I couldn't wait to sample the goods. At around nine on a weeknight, it was pretty quiet and thankfully we got our food and drinks very quickly.

This is Simon's egg, ham and cheese crepe. Simple and yummy.

egg, ham and cheese crepe ($11)

I got the Provençale, which had egg and cheese layered inside the crepe and a topping of ratatouille. The richness of the filled crepe is offset by the lightness of the ratatouille and it went nicely with the cool cider I had.

provençale crepe (egg, cheese and ratatouille) ($11)

For dessert, I went for a basic butter and sugar crepe and decided to get a house-made mango sorbet as well. I'm not really sure if crepes and sorbet go together, but they were really excellent separately. The crepe had an intense butter flavour which was seriously droolworthy, and the mango sorbet was fresh, fruity and not too sweet.

beurre sucre crepe (butter and sugar) ($5.50) with mango sorbet ($2.50)

In conclusion, the crepes at Breizoz are truly luscious. Definitely a place I would love to return to the next time I have a craving for crepes!

Other notes: Eat your crepes as soon as you get them, they are best when freshly cooked. Cider is a traditional accompaniment to crepes. They have gluten-free and vegetarian options available. 

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  1. I love crepes! When we went to France, we just stopped in. We had about 4 hours in Paris. What did we do? EAT CREPES! MMm!!! They look lovely!!! I had a nutella one for dessert and my husband had one similar to yours, with just sugar and butter. They are just divine. Our closest creperie is about 40 minutes away :(

  2. The combination of ham, egg and cheese continues to satisfy :)

  3. Very delicious looking crepes!

  4. You are lucky living near fitzroy, they have heaps and your also so close to Carlton too. Lots to choose from

  5. Evil!!! This looks so yummy... fitzroy for more eating with mum when she gets here.

  6. Thanks for dropping by everyone!

    Melissa, lucky you for having had the crepes at France!

    My Restaurants Melbourne - I don't actually live in Fitzroy but my boyfriend (Simon) does and I visit him (and the eateries in the vicinity) often. :p

    Penny - my parents are visiting soon too and I'm already thinking about all the places I will take them... :D


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