Wednesday, 27 October 2010

avocado banana pancakes

avocado banana pancake with pretty flecks of green
I don't know about anyone else but I really dig the combination of banana and avocado. Muffins, smoothies... these are a couple of examples of where they work well together. The other morning, I came up with a third one: pancakes.

banana, avocado and orange
3/4 cup self-raising flour
1 medium-sized ripe banana
1 small ripe avocado
1 egg
1/4 cup orange juice
1/2 cup milk
1 tablespoon raw sugar
butter or oil, for frying

- Mash up banana and avocado flesh together with the orange juice.
- Mix in milk and egg. Mash further.
- Slowly add in flour and sugar and mix thoroughly.
- Heat a little oil or butter in a frying pan, add some of the batter, and cook on both sides.
- Best served hot!

These pale green pancakes can be tricky little critters, especially as I wasn't using a non-stick frying pan - I had to be quite careful when making them as they burn easily, probably due to the naturally high fruit sugar content present in the batter. As you can see, one of my pancakes was quite dangerously close to being overly charred. Though as you can also see, I still had a good chomp! (and finished the rest of it after taking photos...) They are also very soft and moist, which makes them rather fragile and prone to falling apart. After a few failures I got some decent ones by spreading the batter out quite thin and then tenderly flipping them over as soon as possible. I am thinking perhaps I should still try to come up with a more user-friendly version though - more flour, less liquid - that might help?

Yet, if you do manage to get it right, the resulting banana avocado pancakes will be sweet, juicy and delicious, with delightful bits of avocado and banana in every bite. Yum, yum.

banana avocado pancakes - yes, one is a little charred. oops!


  1. Oh how interesting! I love pairing avocado with different flavors, and I've never tried banana!!! And seriously, who doesn't love pancakes!

  2. ooo yumz, AVACADO AND BANANA!!! and orange sweetness too. i better try this mmmmm
    i could probably eat the whole lot myself

  3. Thanks Melissa and Al! I like this combination in baked stuff too. :D

    Oh and I want to debunk the myth about avocados turning bitter when cooked. Never had that happen to me!

  4. Oh I've been to your blog and I hate coming in here. This is because all the photographs of the food makes me hungry all the time! Literally all the time as my stomach is growling now.

    Haha! Thanks for visiting anyway and the pancake look so delicious! Feel like having a bite!

    p.s. I was just kidding about the "hate part"

  5. Charred = flavor! These look awesome. I've never thought of combining banana and avocado in a pancake no less. Maybe I'd try making one with just avocado.

  6. Wow! totally loving this flavours combo! I am thinking of making this for breakfast this weekend. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Thanks JC and Glory Lily. And Ellie, I'm sure your version will be gorgeous!

  8. I've never tried the combo of avocado and bananas. How interesting! The pancakes sound quite good :)

    I have a recipe for a chocolate and avocado mousse in a Japanese dessert you've encouraged me to try it.

  9. Thanks Indie... I look forward to reading about your avocado dessert! :)

  10. I've never had this combo TBH, I'll keep this in mind!

  11. I stumbled across the combo when one day I decided to make a healthier version of muffins and used an avocado instead of the oil the recipe called for. And the rest is history! :D

  12. Arghhh, I'm still stuck on the idea that avocado is a savoury food. I *know* it's not, and many people eat it with sweet things, but I just can't get my tastebuds to agree! Must keep trying. :)

  13. To me, avocado is a neutral fruit - the taste, while unique, is quite mild. Goes with many things! :D

  14. What a great idea, I love avocado and eat it almost daily but have never thought to incorporate it into a pancake... I'll have to try this on the weekend; my family would love it! (I agree, those non-stick pans are a life saver!)

  15. I always love to find ways to use avocado and this was a good one. All of mine looked charred even though I had the burner on low - and I left out the sugar, but they still tasted great! Thanks!

    1. Thanks for the feedback, Debbie! Glad you enjoyed them! :)

  16. I wonder how it would be to use ground quinua in place of white flour. I think I'll try that next time I have some avocados.


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