Tuesday, 2 June 2015

sydney! - opera house & vivid light festival 2015

The city of Sydney lights up during the Vivid Light Festival.

Surprise! We're in Sydney!

Just for a month, that is. Simon has work to do in the area, so I'm tagging along and playing housewife. Basically, I do laundry and make sure there's dinner upon his return to the apartment. It's not a bad life.

The Sydney Vivid Festival was in full swing as we arrived. We walked into the city one weekend and took in the sights. Vivid Sydney comprises Vivid Light, Vivid Music and Vivid Ideas. Our casual stroll that evening gave us a nice glimpse of the elements of the Vivid Light Festival.

A view of the harbour, with the lit-up buildings.

The buildings' lights are always changing...

And changing.

Sydney Opera House - cool aqua patterns.

Sydney Opera House - purple, red and yellow splotches.

Sydney Opera House - yellow anemones.

Sydney Opera House - glowing pink.

Sydney Opera House - turning bright yellow.


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