Wednesday, 28 December 2011

pimm's raspberry cucumber cocktail slushy

I am not very good at drinking... alcohol, that is. A wild night, for me, is about two drinks.

Three, if I'm really living life on the edge.

Because there is such a fine and sudden line between a pleasant tipsiness and regrettable discomfort, the drunken state so sought after by many is not really something I pursue. I don't drink to get wasted. I drink for the sexy, intriguing flavours that dance on my tongue. I drink to bring that little bit of warmth to the body and soul. And then I stop drinking, and hope for the best.

This elegant little cocktail I made recently fits the bill. I brought her with me to a party last week. I think she upstaged me... she was cool, graceful, sensuous, flirtatious. A contrast to yours truly - clumsy, awkward, spaced-out, introverted...

Nevertheless. She made me look good. Because I was her Maker.

So make this for your friends, and bask in the praise they heap upon you.

Pimm's raspberry cucumber cocktail slushy with a hint of herbs. It's like Slurpee for adults... only better.

Recipe notes:

If you don't have pre-frozen cucumber and raspberries in the freezer, don't despair. This tastes just as pretty without the icy slushy factor. In fact, you can even make this drink ahead of time and just chill it in the fridge in an airtight flask until required - I did this and I swear the flavours developed further and turned out even tastier. Simply proceed with fresh cucumber and raspberries. Blend as per instructions. Just before serving, shake the mixture vigorously with a handful of ice cubes until cold, then strain out the ice cubes and serve.

If you don't have Pimm's No.1 at hand, feel free to substitute with gin, vodka or any other spirit or liqueur that goes well with fruity drinks - preferably one that is not too overpowering, to allow all the subtle flavours of the cocktail come through. Or make it a mocktail by omitting alcohol altogether.

pimm's raspberry cucumber cocktail slushy with a hint of herbs
(serves 2)

1 lebanese cucumber - approx. 100g, peeled, roughly sliced and frozen (1 cup)
60g raspberries, frozen (1/2 cup)
60ml rosemary, mint & ginger syrup (1/4 cup) - see accompanying recipe
45ml Pimm's No. 1 (1 shot)

Whiz all ingredients together in a blender until it reaches a smooth slushy consistency. Pour into glasses and serve.

rosemary syrup with a hint of mint and ginger

2 cups water
2/3 cup raw sugar
6 sprigs rosemary
2 sprigs mint
2.5 cm / 1 inch ginger, thinly sliced

Bring all ingredients to boil, then turn down the heat and let it simmer for 10 minutes. Remove from heat and allow it to cool for another 10 minutes. Strain and store in a sterilised bottle. I sterilise my bottles by washing them thoroughly and then letting them sit in boiling water for a couple of minutes.

A cocktail packed with fruits, with a hint of herbs... sinful or healthy, you decide!


  1. Elegant it is! What an intriguing combination of herbs and flavors. Never would have thought of combining raspberry and cucumber. I bet you were a hit with your friends!

  2. That sounds absolutely divine! I must remember that for the summer!

  3. I love your beautiful, elegant cocktail! The cucumber addition is amazing. I have never made any drink with cucumber, but it's one of my favourite vegetables and I can well imagine how refreshing it would be in a cocktail. This drink must have been a huge success at the party!

  4. Thanks Rosemary! Yes, my friends enjoyed it, as did I. :D

    Thanks Foodycat... do give it a whirl for summer, it's like Slurpee for adults. ;)

    Thanks Sissi! I love cucumber in cocktails... it really is so refreshing.

  5. Man, talking about drinking, i never actually purposely drank anything for the sake of drinking for the past 21 plus years! :D

  6. same, i will go for food over wine anytime. in fact i don't even really like wine, even the supposedly good ones. pimms and sangria are two of my exceptions, because the fruits and herbs make them sweet and less alcoholic to me! ah, this just makes me pine for summer!

  7. Your drink looks delicious!.. an intriguing combination of ingredients.

  8. Rosemary and ginger makes an interesting combination, i'm curious how that syrup tastes like. :)

  9. Ah, slurp... perfect for a hot New Year's Eve downunder!

  10. That must save you a lot of moolah, Michelle!

    Shu Han, I'm more partial to the more pleasantly sweet drinks, too. :D

    Thanks Gerlinde!

    Fatbooo, the syrup tastes predominantly of rosemary, with subtle hints of mint and ginger floating about the background. It's a good one for cocktails and mocktails. :)

    Thanks Lizzy! And I hear it's going to be quite a scorching one this year...

    Thanks Andrea!

  11. I'm the same way. I drink for the flavor not the effect. I'm a one or two drinks kind of girl.

  12. Two drinks is me dancing on the table, so I completely know what you mean :) This looks goooorgeous!

  13. I love the cucumber flavor on cocktails. It is n't very common, but is very stisfying nd refreshing. Thanks for posting. I love that fruity and veggie booze can come in cute little glasses. ;)

  14. Sylvie - and aren't some of those flavours wonderful!

    Thanks Hannah! Oh and at least dancing on the table has that fun factor - usually I just feel ill. :p

    Thanks MyFudo. I've loved cucumber in cocktails since the first time I tried it. So lovely! And you're right, this is actually quite a healthy cocktail, isn't it. :D

  15. I have to say I absolutely adore a Pimm's Cup but I think you may have just improved upon it! Really this looks so fantastic.

  16. And then I stop drinking, and hope for the best.


    We've been making the best summer drink....elderberry cordial and vodka!!! Yum!!

  17. What a simply fabulous colour - & packed with fruit & veg, too!
    It must be healthy, mustn't it?
    Happy new year to you and yours!

  18. Thank you Trix. It is a delicious drink, if I do say so myself. ;)

    wholelarderlove - oh, that sounds divine!

    Thanks Amanda, happy new year to you too! xx

  19. Hahahaha 3 strikes and you're out? Well done!! Have a lovely new years!!!!

  20. thanks for stopping by my blog. your cocktail looks absolutely stunning, hope you had a blast at your party! (:
    merry eighth day of christmas, and more importantly -- happy new year!

  21. Sounds pretty healthy, and delicious, actually.
    Happy New Year!

  22. Ugh... Tell me about it! I'm the same. 3 drinks and it's like "see you in the morning". That line is super microscopic fine to me, too. Very hard to tell sometimes. Anyway, I'm very keen to make this as a mocktail drink just cause it sounds yummylicious and I don't have any liquor at home in Melbourne lol. I had some raspberries that I've popped in the freezer because I couldn't finish it in time before leaving the country. Will def use them for this. Nice one and Happy New Year to you, Leaf!! It's been so fun having friends like you to engage with in this community. You're such a star! Thanks for everything!! =)

  23. Love, love, love this! Craving it now at 10am! Have bookmarked this for the weekend.

  24. Sometimes less than 3 strikes, msihua. :p Happy new year!

    Thanks for coming by mine, Teresa. Happy new year to you, too. :)

    Thanks Indie.Tea, it really is! Happy new year to you, too!

    Haha Winston. On the bright side, think of all the money we save on only buying one or two drinks when we go out! Even if people do look at us funny. Happy new year to you! I hope you're enjoying your holiday break. And likewise, it's been fantastic to have someone like you around, so thank you for that!

    Thanks Anna, I hope you enjoy it if you do get around to trying it. :D

  25. Wow, just the type of drink I love, very snazzy with the slushiness! I have a bottle of Hendricks gin, a gin that is distilled with rose petals and cucumber, it would be the perfect inclusion, yummy!

  26. This looks great! I am thinking that tonorrow would be a great day to try this! Going to be a hot one in Sydney!

  27. Absolutely beautiful! Wonderful recipe - a perfect start to the new year - and stunning photography.

  28. Yum, if that tastes half as gorgeous as it looks I'll take four!

  29. This was so needed in the past few days yes? Love the color!

  30. Wow, this drink looks and sounds amazing, right up my ally too, as I love fruity drinks. Wish I had seen this in time for New Years!

  31. Goodness, so refreshing and stunning!! How gorgeous.
    Heidi xo

  32. There's not much I love more than a frozen slushie-esque cocktail. :D And I totally agree with the fine line with alcohol. I find I go from tipsy to pounding headache in a snap. Urgh!

    This sounds so refreshing and delicious! :)

  33. TheIntolerantChef - that gin sounds lovely!

    Thanks Melinda!

    Thank you Kelly!

    Thanks Sarah!

    Anh, indeed! I was melting the other day...

    Thanks JasmyneTea - oh, and it's never too late to make this. ;)

    Thanks Heidi!

    Ashley, it makes a night out so tricky, doesn't it! Thanks. :)

  34. I mum would go nuts for this!

  35. The way you wrote the first paragraph is totally the way I drink! I'm a terrible drinker at the best of times. 2 drinks and I'm done! I suppose we just need to make sure that the 2 drinks are nice ones :P


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