Thursday, 27 October 2011

my aspirations.... & my giveaway winner!

A few weeks ago, I hosted my first giveaway. The prize was a book called Will Write For Food by Dianne Jacob. I asked those of you interested to submit your entry in the form of a comment answering this question: As an aspiring food writer, what are your goals and what are you doing to reach them?

I was touched by the thoughtful and heartfelt responses I got in return. There is beauty in our collective desires but also in our diversity as food lovers and writers. And because you have enriched me with your hopes and dreams, I, too, am inspired to share with all of you my answer to the same question.

However, to be honest, I'm not the kind of person who has very well-defined goals. I've always drifted through life... a life peppered with passing obsessions that eventually move along to give way to the next new flirtation. I look upon the people who know what they want - really know what they want, with an all-consuming passion and drive - and I often catch myself envying them.

Before I knew it, the years flew by, and it seemed I had very little to show for it. I began to feel trapped by my job, yet I didn't know what else I could do. I wanted more. I wanted a creative outlet. I wanted direction; I wanted purpose. I wanted to commit myself to changing the status quo.

So I started this food blog... the indolent cook.

I've been blogging about food for over a year now, and I'm enjoying it. Will this turn out to be just another one of my temporary infatuations? Will it bring me lasting contentment? Who knows. But I've always loved food, and I've always loved writing. I'm happy to see where this takes me.

So I continue to blog. I continue to read, watch, smell, taste and learn. I keep an eye out for opportunities and I seize them. Sometimes, the opportunities come to me. I'm still working full-time at my current job, but I've also started to do some freelancing. A few articles here, a few recipes there. Slowly but surely, things are coming together. I don't know what the future brings, but I am optimistic.

But enough about me. Now, on to more pressing matters... the announcement of the giveaway winner: Ashley! Congratulations Ashley, I'll be contacting you to arrange the delivery of your own copy of Will Write For Food. Hurrah!

For those of you who missed out, you can buy this book for very reasonable prices on Fishpond, The Book Depository or Amazon. You may also pop by Dianne's blog to keep yourself up-to-date with her latest articles.

I wish every one of you the best... keep cooking, eating and writing!

Love, leafy.


  1. Congrats Ashley! This is a great win :)

    Leaf, you can do anything you put your mind to.

  2. Aww, thank you so much leafy! As I mentioned earlier, I'm totally surprised! :) Looking forward to getting stuck into the book... :)

    And I was just totally discussing that with Bryan (fatbooo) this evening, we both came to the conclusion, if you're in touch with the community (in our case bloggers), I think you continue to stay more inspired... :)

  3. Beautiful response, Leaf. I think we can all identify with you when you say that this food blog has brought so much change, but in a good way to our lives. It's added so much colour and joy and it's been great. I love your optimism towards the uncertain future, cheering you on ALL THE WAY, Leaf!!

    Your questions were really a blessing to me and to a lot of ppl, I'm sure. I gained so much from it and for that we really need to thank you!!!

    Btw, CONGRATS to you, ASH!!! I was super stoked when I found out it's someone I knew that won, YAYEEE.... Have fun with it! Can't wait to get my copy so I can read it during the summer! =D

  4. Thanks Yasmeen! I hope I get there one day... whatever and wherever that is. :p

    Yay Ashley! :D I think you'll find the chapters on blogging and restaurant reviewing particularly relevant. And that's true about staying inspired through the community... there are so many awesome bloggers out there!

    Thank you Winston, your encouragement is always wonderful. I think I'm having a late-twenties crisis, so I can use all the support I get. ;)

  5. Blogging has changed me in ways I didn't expect . . .it's been a creative outlet, for sure. And I'm a better writer, better cook, and heaven help me, even a better picture-taker. (I dare not say photographer.) I'm genuinely impressed with the number of very real people I've "met." Stay inspired!

  6. "Before I knew it, the years flew by, and it seemed I had very little to show for it...I wanted more. I wanted a creative outlet."

    I think that is a common thread for many of us. Thank you for this post.

  7. I hope that in 1 year my blog will as be as inspiring and creative as yours. Good luck for whatever the future holds m'dear! Congratulations to Ashley too :)

  8. Thanks, Rosemary. I think I'm now better at writing, cooking and taking pictures too! It's a great learning curve.

    Thank you Lau. It can be a little scary putting something personal out there - but it's true, isn't it... most of us have so much in common that resonates with others.

    Thanks Anna! And good luck to you too. Here's to the future. :D

  9. I'm in awe of you for stating to make moves beyond the blog into freelancing. I don't even know how to start trying for that!

  10. Congrats Ashley! Right now, I am enjoying writing for my blog and cooking up new delicacies almost everyday!

  11. Hey Hannah, it's a bit of work and a bit of luck I guess! Happy to chat to you more about it if you like. :)

    Thank you Purabi, for coming by and sharing your joy in food blogging. :D

  12. Thanks for sharing your story! Congrats to Ashley!! Yayy!

  13. Congratulations Ashley!

    That was a really nice story leaf, I agree with the other commenters, being in touch with other bloggers in the community is inspiring and rewarding. I can't imagine not blogging :)

    It has also enriched our family life as we are out and about and "doing" more. I make more effort with meals and desserts and we entertain alot more.

    I never would have expected all the positive things which have come from blogging. A sense of belonging to a community it another big positive.

  14. Congratulations on this new freelancing thing.
    I'm a freelancer myself and the job can be pretty rewarding as well as fulfilling :)
    Blogging has changed my life in ways I did not imagine. I'm imagining recipes and ingredient combinations with people from all around the world and the whole experience has been so positive until now. I'm glad it's the same for you.
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts on blogging. :)

  15. Thanks for reading msihua! :)

    It's great to know how blogging has enriched your life, GG. It has done very similar things for me - I create new dishes more often now, rather than just thinking about what I can create! And there really is a great community out there.

    Thanks Marie-Anne. I would love to chat to you more about your freelancing! I hope things get better and better for you.

    Thanks Katherine! :)


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