Wednesday, 14 September 2011

moshi moshi japanese seafood restaurant, port melbourne

Hello readers. Look at your lunch, now back to mine. Now back at your lunch, now back to mine. Sadly, your lunch isn't my lunch, but if you took a trip to Moshi Moshi at Port Melbourne, you could have a lunch like mine.

a mini oyster degustation, plus raw wagyu beef salad at moshi moshi, port melbourne.

Now that I'm done ripping off the Old Spice ad, it's time to tell you what I had... I had oysters. I had wagyu. I had Friday off. I'm living the life you wish you could have.

I kid. I actually ended up in Moshi Moshi (79 Bay Street, Port Melbourne) after being tragically failed by Melbourne's dismal public transport system on a cold wet morning. I shall spare you the details, but suffice to say, it turned out to be quite the blessing in disguise.

a steaming cup of green tea at moshi moshi.

Let's get started on the food, shall we?

I don't normally go crazy for oysters, but there was something incredibly enticing about Moshi Moshi's oyster menu. So much so that I ordered one of each of all the available options on their regular menu, plus an extra one they had in their daily specials.

Oyster degustation for lunch. Welcome to my world.

First of all, we have this lovely candidate - a fresh oyster with Japanese seven-spice dressing. I adored the seven-spice seasoning - it didn't pack much heat, but it does tingle ever so pleasantly on the tongue.

7-spice oyster, $3.5.

Next up, another fresh oyster, this one with moshimoshi dressing (soy vinaigrette and spring onion). Simple, classic and good.

moshimoshi oyster, $3.5.

I then beheld with barely contained excitement a deep-fried crumbed oyster with Japanese BBQ sauce. It looked awesome. It was awesome. The gratifyingly crunchy exterior gave way to the warm, juicy oyster within, the sweet, tangy sauce pulling everything together to create the perfect package.

crumbed oyster with japanese bbq sauce, $3.5.

This tempura oyster, served with lemon and salt, was from the daily specials menu. Come on, I'm not going to turn down anything deep-fried with Asahi beer batter. It was light, crisp, and quite the delicious tease with a squeeze of lemon juice and a sprinkle of salt.

tempura oyster (asahi beer batter) with lemon and salt, $3.5.

But a girl can't survive on oysters alone. Which is why I also ordered the raw wagyu beef salad. The dressing was a triumph of sweet and umami flavours. The wagyu itself, with a slightly chewy texture not unlike sashimi, tasted exquisite - gentle, mellow and harmonious.

raw wagyu beef with julienne vegetables and special sauce, $9.8.

I enjoyed every bite I had that day at Moshi Moshi. Now all I want is a direct train, tram or bus to Port Melbourne from my apartment. One that stops right in front of the restaurant. Really... I don't think I'm being too greedy. Wouldn't you wish for the same thing?

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  1. HAHAHA... your writing is hilarious, leaf! oh gosh, this place looks SO amazing theres so much to discover at port melbourne, and this is definitely one prized jewel that i need to visit! i LOVE finding a new and good jap restaurant to eat wee wee~~.. hope it's not too early to wish you a good start to the weekend! ;P

  2. Winston, they certainly do have some nice places in Port Melbourne! I only wish it was more convenient for me to get to. And I wish Moshi Moshi was my local joint!

    Thank you for the weekend wishes - not too early at all. You have a good one too! :D

  3. I *do* go crazy for oysters, so this looks wonderful! Would force me out of my oysters-natural-only rut :P

  4. I'm the opposite, Hannah, I always like my oysters dressed up a little! And what I like about these ones is that the dressings are very complementary and actually enhance the natural flavour of those plump and juicy oysters. Yum.

  5. Wow, amazing! =D Those pictures look incredible. What camera do you use? We also have a Moshi Moshi restaurant in Bordeaux, mostly gastronomic Japanese with some sort of an edgy, colorful whiff, a bit like this one. I'd love to go to Australia some day. (Yeah I know. To eat. I'm one pathetic foodie...)
    And that raw beef salad... dang it! Raw meat! Love that!
    But that tempura oyster... I confess, we always eat our oysters raw on this side of the world. :) (Huîtres de Marennes, they're called. Some of the very best.) I've never heard of cooked oysters before, it looks interesting.
    Have a nice day! =D

  6. Thanks Marie-Anne!
    I use a Canon S90. It's pretty good for a point-and-shoot!
    Oh and if you visit Australia, I'd be happy to show you around Melbourne, if I'm around at the time. :D
    I enjoy oysters both raw and cooked. If they're fresh and nicely handled they're delicious either way - like the four I had! And yep the raw wagyu was great!
    You have a nice day, too! x

  7. Now, I would really love some of those fried oysters on a po'boy! And the salad ... slurples.

  8. Oh my, Moshi Moshi is right around the corner from where I live, but I'd only been there once. And yes, I remember food's not too bad! Also check out Ciao Cielo (Italian) and Komeyui (Jap) in my side of town. :)

  9. port melbourne is wayyyy too off my radar but the food looks really nice... so it's tempting. but still...

  10. Trix, now that's an idea!

    So convenient for you Fatbooo! Thanks for the suggestions, I'll keep those other places in mind if I find myself in Port Melbourne again.

    I know, Michelle... it's not very easy for me to get to, either. Sigh.

  11. Of course, and two tickets to that thing you love! What an awesome lunch, and a fun way to explore the world of oysters too.

  12. The crumbed oyster looks so good... Will have to check out this restaurant next time I'm in Melbourne:)

  13. And the tickets are now diamonds, The InTolerant Chef! Enough diamonds to buy us both lots and lots of yummy oysters. ;)

    Cassie, yes, the crumbed oyster was so scrumptious! :D

  14. Oh yummmm!
    With all that oysters, one would inquire if you're trying to procreate or somethin. Hahaha.
    I love the simple touches for the sweet lovely ingredients. I want very much.

  15. Hahahhaa! My lunch was so unspectacular compared to yours...I'm quite impressed with the variety of oysters, looks so gooood!

  16. Ha, PFx - not trying to procreate, just being my usual gluttonous self. ;)

    Ashley, the variety is great isn't it? I also really liked that I could order just one of each and that they all came out arranged so beautifully on a plate, with salad and everything. It really shows their care factor.

  17. WOW that all looks too good to be true!

  18. Your opening paragraph had me rofling like nobody's business. But I absolutely cannot stand oysters, so I think I'll stick with my lunch, thanks :P Great photos!

  19. Except it's true, Vittle! And I ate it all. :D

    Not even deep-fried oysters, JasmyneTea? Everything tastes better when it's deep-fried. ;)

  20. I'm so Jealous!!I’m a huge fan of both raw or fried Oyster!

    A shame I live so far way... :(

  21. Diamonds or oysters, oysters or diamonds, I want them both! But I'll share with you :P

  22. Oh man, I love me some oysters. You have me convinced that this is my next go-to place for Japanese! The one with moshi moshi dressing looks awesome.

  23. Aw, b.wak!

    Yay Intolerant Chef! Sharing is caring. ;)

    Let me know what you think if you make the trip, Yas! :)

  24. ;) so funny! I would love to try that waygu salad!

  25. It was good Anh! It wasn't the most tender wagyu I've had, but it was still excellent especially for the price. I was really happy with everything I ate that day!

  26. Loooove Moshi. Go there at least once a month! The lunchbox is divine and the staff are very polite with good timing. The Moshi platter with "the lot" for 2 is amazing.

  27. Thanks Phill! Would love to go back there and try that Moshi platter.

  28. What an awesome lunch, and a fun way to explore the world of oysters too.


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