Saturday, 23 July 2011

smoked salmon pasta salad with grapefruit yoghurt, almonds and coriander

Some food bloggers out there have great stories that come with their recipes. Idyllic musings inspired by exotic locales. Nostalgic memories about grandmothers who made the best apple pies. Beautiful, poetic stories that just reach out, and bring about a wistful, collective sigh amongst their readers.

From trash to treasure... smoked salmon pasta salad with grapefruit yoghurt, almonds and coriander.

Reflecting upon that, I wish I could give this tangy, creamy smoked salmon pasta salad a nicer story. Alas, it really only came about because there were a number of ingredients in the fridge that needed to be used up quickly before they went off.

Me: Simon, how long has this smoked salmon been sitting in the fridge?

Simon: Um, I dunno... a few days?

Me: I think you're supposed to eat these things within two days of opening. Besides, I thought you don't even like salmon. Why did you buy it?

Simon: I don't. And I didn't. Kelvin brought nibbles the other night when he came over to hang out, and these are leftovers.

Hell-bent on not wasting the pitifully neglected smoked salmon, I rummage through the fridge, and I found half a tub of Greek yoghurt that was also on the verge of expiry. I found grapefruit that Simon's housemate gave him before she went travelling. I found coriander that was starting to look just a little tired. I also found penne lisce and slivered almonds in the pantry - these were, happily, in considerably better condition than their refrigerated friends.

I put them all together to dish up this surprisingly delectable smoked salmon pasta salad with grapefruit yoghurt, almonds and coriander.

Crisis averted. Lunch created. Mission accomplished.

I guess it's not such a bad story after all.

Healthy and delicious! Smoked salmon pasta salad with grapefruit yoghurt, almonds and coriander.

smoked salmon pasta salad with grapefruit yoghurt, almonds and coriander
(serves 2 - 4)

2 cups penne lisce (smooth-sided penne)
1/4 cup slivered almonds
1 cup greek yoghurt
2 cloves garlic, minced
1/4 cup fresh grapefruit juice
1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil
100g smoked salmon, roughly torn
1/4 cup roughly chopped fresh coriander
sea salt and freshly ground black pepper, to taste

Cook the pasta according to packet directions until al dente, then rinse under cold running water and drain well. Set aside.
Lightly toast slivered almonds by gently frying in a pan until golden and fragrant. Set aside.
In a bowl, combine yoghurt, minced garlic, grapefruit juice and extra virgin olive oil.
Stir through smoked salmon, coriander and toasted almond slivers.
Season to taste with sea salt and cracked black pepper.
Add the cooked pasta and mix well, then re-adjust seasoning if desired. Serve.


  1. Ooh... this is the first time I heard someone using grapefruit and yogurt together. And yogurt and pasta is interesting. :)

  2. Grapefruit and salmon, quite the inspiration there! I could just eat them on a piece of toast with some cream cheese, dill and chives. Awesome intuition for many inspirations!

  3. In fact, this story is pretty much as lovely as a bedtime story in my book! The delicious food conquers the evil expiry date....

  4. Glad you found it interesting, Michelle!

    PFx - thank you for the vote of confidence. :D

    Hannah, that is such a glorious way of putting it. Absolute genius, you are!

  5. girlfriend that is an interesting combination! but i dig your experimentation. that's what it's all about, isn't it :D

  6. I love smoked salmon and this looks very homey!

  7. °º✿
    º° ✿✿♥ ° ·.
    Oi, amiga!
    Que saudade!

    Seu blog continua o máximo!
    Suas receitas continuam saborosas e diferentes.

    Um lindo domingo!
    Uma ótima semana!

    º° ✿✿♥ ° ·.

  8. Thanks Yasmeen! I do love experimenting. And even more so when it works. ;)

    Thanks Joe!

    Muito obrigada Magia da Inês! ♥

  9. This looks yummy - sometimes the best recipes come about by accident - nothing wrong in that!!

  10. IT WAS A GREAT STORY!I love that ending, as I am contemplating using up a package of smoked salmon and I always have yogurt in my fridge (duh!) for my lebanese concoctions!

  11. does sound like odd ingredients! i love the story behind it :)

  12. Thanks Ruth! I agree.

    tasteofbeirut - thank you! If you try something similar, let me know!

    muppy, the ingredients actually worked very nicely together - it was a pleasant surprise! :D

  13. What a wonderful recipe for summer and I think it's a great story! Anyway, not every recipe can have a great story, that doesn't mean it isn't a great recipe, right?

  14. What a combi... does this make it healthier?

  15. But isn't that what makes a great cook? Someone who can gather whatever is in the fridge and turn it into a delicious meal.....isn't it the 'daily special' ;o)

  16. I had some smoked salmon pasta yesterday too! Something was missing to bind everything together - I guess I was missing the yogurt.

  17. I agree, Jill. :)

    Penny I definitely think this is pretty healthy as far as pasta dishes go. :D

    Thanks peasepudding, I like your 'daily special' take on it! ;)

    Maybe you can try it with yoghurt next time, tigerfish. :)

  18. I think it's 3 days after opening, and your smoked salmon is prob going to go a little longer than other fish products.
    I'm new to your blog, and I've gotta say, I'm super impressed, love the sound of this here dish, the grapefruit yogurt would balance the smoked salmon and the coriander would give the sweet hit. Mmmmmmm. I could go a bowl. :)
    Go you creating this masterpiece.

  19. Awww... for us it would have been the other way round.. I tend to keep things far longer than I should.. Hahaha.. loving that dish tho :)

  20. very different combo! But I am curious to try! :)

  21. It's a great story ... and a great dish too! Very innovative of you. Better yet, the fridge gets cleared. :)

  22. "What needs attention in my fridge" cooking is often the best type of cooking, and this pasta salad looks really delicious. I'll make sure I forget some smoked salmon next time I buy it.

  23. I love the flavours in this dish, it sounds delicious!

  24. Thank you Anna for your lovely words, it spurs me on! :)

    Thanks msihua!

    Thanks Anh!

    Thanks Ju! It's a good feeling, clearing the fridge. :D

    lacaffettierarosa - isn't it? Thank you. ;)

    Thanks Maria!

  25. Love the story and the ingredients! This is cooking in the real world... Working with what's available. Now about that salmon, send any extra my way.

  26. Thanks SeattleDee! Yeah, it's definitely real-world cooking. About the salmon... we'll see. ;)


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