Wednesday, 2 March 2011

maggie beer's farm shop, barossa valley

the entrance to maggie beer's farm shop. yes, that's my reflection in the glass.

As some of you may know, I went to Adelaide, South Australia in January for a holiday with my family, and we all had a pretty good time. If I were to pick a major highlight of the trip, though, I'd say the visit to Maggie Beer's Farm Shop in Barossa Valley stands out as my favourite. Here, then, is the long overdue post.

why, fancy seeing you here!

One of the charming things about Maggie's farm shop is the very high likelihood that you will be greeted by the sight of wandering peacocks soon after you stroll in.

mr.peacock struts his stuff.

Then there's the delightful scenario of getting to sample almost everything that is for sale in the shop. Sauces, biscuits, pates, jams, wines, verjuice... need I go on?

we spent a significant amount of time sampling goodies.

Before long, it was time for brunch, and the picnic fare was beckoning. I believe the one we went for was called the seasonal cheese picnic basket. We also threw in two little tubs of ice cream for good measure.

a lovely picnic basket.

Now this is the kind of stuff that makes you feel connected to the simple pleasures in life.

cheese, quince paste and dried muscatels (I think) to go with bread.

This seasonal fruit tart served with Jersey fresh cream was luxuriously down-to-earth... a joy to eat.

fruit tart + cream = bliss.

I couldn't leave without purchasing some delicious food souvenirs. Holidays may not last forever, but I know when I'm back home, those verjuice and rosemary biscuits and that sweet golden tokay will take me away from the daily routine for just a little while... before they're all gone.

verjuice and rosemary biscuits and classic tokay from maggie beer's farm shop.

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  1. I am yet to visit Barrosa Valley. This shop is on my must visit list.

  2. I love Maggie and her wares. I especially love her on The Cook and the Chef, I imitate Simon whe I cook sometimes.

  3. Oh, it's been so long since I've gone on a picnic! Your post brings back lovely memories... and rmeinds me I have some Maggie Beer Burnt Fig and Honeycomb ice cream in the freezer :)

  4. Olá, amiga!
    Passei para uma visitinha...
    Que lugar maravilhoso!!!
    Um lindo dia!...*♫*.
    ♥Beijos。˚ ˚ ˛
    。˚ ˚ ˛Brasil ♫♫♫

  5. Oh yes Ellie, if you go to Barossa Valley you've definitely got to stop by Maggie's farm shop!

    Indeed shu shu. I only regret I didn't buy more goodies to bring home.

    Hannah - I LOVE that ice cream!

    Thanks Magia da Ines... it was truly a beautiful day.

  6. I love stores like this one. I am, however, hopeless, once I enter one. I have a bad habit of buying everything in sight :-). I'm so glad you enjoyed you visit. Have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  7. I've wanted to go to Barossa Valley for so long! Looks fantastic!

  8. Sloth and gluttony are two of my best friends!! I have had tokay in Hungary, but I didn't know it was also an Australian drink. Interesting!

  9. Mary, that's not necessarily bad thing - I never buy enough and then wish I had bought more!

    Maria, it's a lovely place, even more so if you're into wines!

    Trix, I'm not sure how similar Australian-style Tokay is to the original Hungarian version. Here it is made from Muscadelle grapes. But either way it's a very pleasant dessert wine! :D

  10. Oh wow! Mr.peacock is so attractive!
    Seems like you had a very good time and that is such a wonderful picninc basket.

  11. Ooo, it looks like a really marvelous place. And the peacock is just so magnificent!

  12. Thanks Cakewhiz and Indie.Tea! Glad you appreciated the peacock. ;)

  13. Aww you went to Maggie's farm shop! Very cool. I can't believe how restrained you were with souvenirs though :)

  14. I know Agnes! Because I only brought carry on luggage, plus I thought I might buy other things elsewhere and so felt the need to be conservative. Definitely should've bought more - but at least the stuff I got are amongst the items exclusive to the farm shop, so they were good choices! :D

  15. I think I need to make a trip up to Adelaide this year!

  16. Nava.K - it was! :D

    Penny, do it! There are often cheap return flights from Melbourne to Adelaide. I'd probably avoid going there in summer though, from personal experience... it was a little too hot, which is not good if you want to buy things like fudge and chocolate. :p

  17. The fruit tart looks absolutely superb!


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