Monday, 28 November 2011

mint & pineapple milkshake-smoothie

When is a milkshake not a milkshake? And when is a smoothie not a smoothie? These are the important worldly questions I ponder as I bask in the afterglow of a recent creation, which blurs the lines and cheekily winks at me in the gray area between the two commonly accepted definitions.

I hesitate to call it a milkshake. It's full of healthy ingredients and you could totally work it for breakfast. Plus, it doesn't even contain milk or ice cream. Then again... it does involve cream. A lush, pure cream, whipped till thick and tantalising.

I hesitate to call it a smoothie. It doesn't contain yoghurt or soy milk. That luscious cream makes it just that little bit more sinful. You could totally work it for dessert. Then again... it does involve fruit, lots of it. And it just seems so GOOD for me.

You can understand my dilemma.

So I've decided to call it a milkshake-smoothie. Problem solved.

A minty pineapple milkshake-smoothie... or smoothie-milkshake. Creamy fruit frappe, cream smoothie, cream shake?

This recipe actually came about because I was whipping cream in the blender and there was too much of it stuck in there. I couldn't let it go to waste. Oh no. I also happened to have bought a whole pineapple recently, which I couldn't finish, so I cut it up into chunks and froze them for the right opportunity - this turned out to be that opportunity. They truly rock it here.

So, healthy milkshake or naughty smoothie? Your call. 

mint and pineapple milkshake-smoothie
(serves 1)

8 mint leaves
125g frozen pineapple chunks (2/3 - 1 cup depending on chunk size)
60ml whipped cream (1/4 cup)*
80ml water (1/3 cup)
sugar, to taste (optional)

Whiz all ingredients together in a blender. Depending on how thick you like your shakes/smoothies, you might want to add the water gradually so that you can adjust the amount to your liking. Taste, and, if it's not quite sweet enough for your liking, add sugar, then process again briefly. Ta-da, you now have your very own milkshake-smoothie!

*Home-whipped cream is the best! You may use cream as a substitute for whipped cream - but use a little less - say 2 - 3 tablespoons, so that it doesn't taste too heavy.

A relatively healthy indulgence: pineapple and mint and a bit of cream... a beautiful threesome.


  1. You could almost call it a frappe - it sounds gorgeous!

  2. Pineapple and mint sounds like a great mash-up! Refreshing and yet so satisfying with some cream in it.

  3. Thanks Foodycat! It's not as icy as a frappe, but that's pretty close!

    Thanks Fatbooo - refreshing and satisfying is what it is. :D

    Thanks Meki. :)

  4. pineapple and mint... an interesting combination. i think this would be perfect for the hot weather in kl!

  5. Love citrus and cream, reminds me of those old orange and cream popsicles. Can't wait to give it a whirl! Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. Thanks Michelle! It's rather hot in Melbourne today, too, and with summer coming up I think I'll be making more cold beverages like this one in the ensuing months. :D

    Thanks Jillena, I definitely share your love for the combination of cream with tangy fruit. :D

  7. LOVELY!!! I've been thinking of what else I should make with my blender and your recipe couldn't have come in a better timing. Though, I HAVE to make your passionfruit honey water ice cubes first because they've been stuck on my mind since you posted them a coupla months ago lol! Keep em yummy refreshing summer recipes coming, Leaf! w00t! =D

  8. I was only thinking about pineapple this afternoon and trying to think of ways to incorporate it into a Christmas recipe! (We have a small pineapple alonside the fruit bowl you see..) Your drink looks YUM! I get ill and fall asleep if I have full-fat-dairy (or even 80% less fat Philly..more than a teaspoon for example)..OR too much fat in anything anymore (which would include the cream component in this lovely looking drink). I lost all of Monday thanks to the Apple Olive Oil cake on my blog.. seriously.. I'm still recovering. I almost didn't post the recipe. I wonder if low fat cheesecake or vanilla yoghurt could substitute for the cream?

    I have a juicer at home, yet I'm more inclined to buy juices that people make for me.. (ie. Boost!) Love chilled pineapple in a juice or smoothie.


  9. Dear Leaf,

    However you want to call it, I think you have created something delicious.

    Although pineapple is not my favourite fruit, I think it tastes really good if it is juiced or made into a smoothie, or was it a milkshake? :)

  10. I love the way you used mint here and not to shy away from a possible winning combo!
    Take care..

  11. I'm hoping to get more use out of my blender, too, Winston. Yay for giving you ideas! :D

    Maria, if low-fat cheesecake or yoghurt works for you, that should be fine! It won't taste quite the same but it should be quite scrumptious too. Alternatively you can use banana, or soy cream?

    Thanks Chopinand, I don't mind pineapple by itself, but think I prefer it in a beverage like this, too!

    Thanks Foodness Gracious, it's quite the winning combo for me. I remember drinking it up pretty quickly that morning when I made it. ;)

  12. Gorgeous! I was going to suggest "thickshake" but that has too many shades of McDonalds for my liking. I like milkshake-smoothie best, so am glad you picked that one :)

    You know, I currently have two enormous containers of frozen pineapple in my freezer from similar bouts of "ooooh! Cheap pineapple! I must buy it all!" :P If only I had some cream hanging around! Wish I'd added mint to my recent pineapple smoothie...

  13. Njami, wanna have one now! :) I love combination of pineapple and mint.

  14. I do love the way you personify food when you write about it ... it's a lovely trick. Looking forward to trying your milkshake-smoothie at the weekend. And a quarter of a cup of cream is not too bad, right?!

  15. Thanks Hannah! Yes, I rarely buy pineapple because I know it's too much for me, but I couldn't resist recently!

    Thanks Cinnamon and Thyme!

    Thanks The Food Sage. And no, if it's whipped then half of it is air so it's really only 1/8 cup of actual cream. Not too bad at all! ;)

  16. I actually use the word milkshake and smoothie quite interchangeably! Whatever that is, I enjoy them esp during summer. It is now rather chilly here to make this....I'll wait for next summer.

  17. Problem solved indeed :) & I agree, a frappe would also sound nice! Isn't mint gorgeous? I need to use it more.
    Heidi xo

  18. Ooo great combination! I've never had mint and pineapple together before. Going to have to buy myself a new mint plant and give it a go! (my last plant died over a long weekend :()

  19. Tigerfish, it's always a little tricky trying out each other's recipes when we are on different halves of the Earth, isn't it!

    Thanks Heidi! I have a mint plant on my kitchen windowsill and it sure is gorgeous. And convenient. :D

    Thanks Apple, good luck with your new mint plant!

  20. It's definitely a beautiful milkshake/smoothie/frappé/whatever. Pineapple & mint, just perfect. My mint plant just died because of the winter chill, RIP. I kind of envy the Australian weather.
    Hope you're okay otherwise :) Take care!

  21. What a nice way this would be to start the day with. I do love mint but I never seem to use it enough so thanks for sharing a way to use it more.

  22. Thanks Marie-Anne! Condolences about your mint plant. I've been well, and hope the same for you. :)

    Thanks Sherilyn! Go get your mint on. :D

  23. Seriously? I've just spent all of 30 seconds scanning through your posts and my stomach is GRUMBLING! Audibly! I'm not the biggest fan of mint but that first photo has me wanting to give it a try.

  24. Hmmm....good question! I think I'd call it a smoothie, makes it more virtuous. ;-)

  25. Hi, leaf! Thank you so much for leaving your comment the other day and I am so delighted to find yours!

    True, this is definitely a healthy indulgence at any time of the day. I would love to taste the one with a touch of mint. Your photos are lovely and very kind.

  26. Oh! Pineapple and mint is perfect! Cream adds a touch of decadence ;)
    I wonder how it would go with a bit of coconut cream in there....

  27. Thanks CheezyK! Glad I could be of service. ;)

    Good thinking, Sylvie. ;)

    Thank you Yuri. You have a lovely blog! :)

    Thanks Anna, I think coconut cream would be a lovely addition, or substitute. :D

  28. Hahahaha.. you are suffering a bout of #firstworldproblems I see :P Smoothies or Milkshakes, they're all amazing :)

  29. I'd say naughty smoothie, I always think milkshakes need to contain ice cream or sugar.
    I have also been freezing pineapple for smoothies, can't believe I didn't think to pair it with mint!

  30. Mint and pineapple, interesting combination! Mint makes everything taste so fresh and good for you. I love a good smoothie in the morning. Great blog by the way!

  31. Either way you describe it, I'd definitely love it! :D

  32. Great flavours in this - I wonder what you call it when it is has icecream in - my husband claims this is still a milkshake?

  33. Thanks msihua - I prefer to say "first world musings". ;)

    CC11, interesting point!

    Thanks Stephanie! I like the fresh quality of mint too.

    Thanks Lorraine! :)

    Thanks Gourmet Chick! For me, milkshakes generally contain ice cream. :D

  34. I think a milkshake-smoothie is the perfect name for this! Looks gorgeous too...adding cream makes it extra decadent, velvety and delicious.

  35. mint and pineapple, very interesting. I can't imagine the two together but sure sounds crazy good. :)

  36. Love the interesting combinations in your milkshake/smoothie recipes :)

  37. Yum yum yum... It may also be nice in the summer with a bit of vodka!


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