Tuesday, 15 November 2011

french lettuce, carlton

There is nothing like a lazy Sunday. Sleeping in till ten, maybe eleven in the morning. Waking up, but not getting up. Stretching hard, your feet pushing away the sheets. Then, slowly, you unfurl yourself off the bed, to go in search of food... and on this occasion, a few weeks ago, Simon and I decided to take a short walk to French Lettuce (237 Nicholson St, Carlton).

We've visited French Lettuce once before, and that time we had their baguettes, which we liked. Firm crusts, chewy insides. Light, fresh fillings. We went for a baguette again - one with chicken, avocado, salad leaves and tomato, splashed with just the right amount of honey mustard dressing.

fresh and delicious chicken baguette.

We also tried one of their sandwiches with frittata, pesto, semi-dried tomato and salad. I would probably have preferred a denser bread here, but the fillings were, again, well-executed.

a soft sandwich with a very nice filling combo of frittata, pesto and semi-dried tomato.

And of course, there are desserts. Oh, the desserts! We briefly admired the macarons, but decided to give them a miss...

an assortment of macarons.

And I very, very nearly went for these sticky date and pear puddings - they looked so deliciously moist. I'll have to come back to try them.

sticky date and pear pudding.

But then the sour cherry and pistachio tart caught my eye - it just looked stunning. What can I say? I'm superficial like that. Upon digging in, I found that while the crumbled pistachios were pleasant enough, they didn't do much for me in this context; however, the sour cherries were a winner - they provided such a lovely contrast to the vanilla cream hidden underneath.

pistachio and sour cherry tart.

French Lettuce is famous for their vanilla slices, with great reviews from Herald Sun and The Age. I'm not a vanilla slice connoisseur, but I can say that I enjoyed this, and so did Simon: the gentle crunch of the flaky pastry together with that fluffy and not-too-sweet custard made it quite the refined experience.

French Lettuce's famous vanilla slice.

Oh, and the rest of that Sunday was good, too. I met up with friends, had fun in the sun, and ate ice cream. Lovely!

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  1. What a lovely Sunday :) But your post reminds me that I haven't had a vanilla slice in years! Gasp.

  2. Yes...! The first time my cousins bought a whole array of tarts and pastries to try from French Lettuce 3 yrs ago, I was hooked! Haven't been back since last December! I loved the custard filling for the Vanilla Slice, nomz! I've tried their SDP and I liked that it had a whole date on top. Though, I like butterscotch sauce with my SDP hehe... Baguettes sounds great! Have to give it a try sometime! =D

  3. What a treasure trove of delicious things! The vanilla slice looks perfect.

  4. It was, Agnes! Oh, and vanilla slices are rare in my life too, I'm not generally drawn to them. But yes, I did like French Lettuce's version.

    Sounds like you're way overdue for another visit, Winston! Gosh, a whole array of desserts from the French Lettuce... that would be wonderful to have. :D

    A treasure trove indeed, Foodycat. I should've taken more photographs of the displays with all their goodies!

  5. i entered into this place the other day to ask for directions to eat drink man woman! hahahahahahaha

  6. I drive past this all the time. Right, I'm pulling over next time...
    T x

  7. The sandwiches with frittata, pesto, semi-dried tomatoes sound wonderful. I'm inspired to try and make a version of my own.

  8. Haha, Michelle!

    Sounds like a plan, Miss T - I'm sure they will have something that takes your fancy!

    It was a nice combination that really worked, Slyvie, and I felt healthy eating it, which is a plus. ;)

  9. This place looks lovely! Don't you just love lazy Sunday mornings...can't wait for this weekend!

  10. We share palates - I love macarons but would have gone straight for the cherry + pistachio one. I value any place that makes a solid baguette. By your description of the dough, it sounds like the real thing!

  11. Ooo what nice lovely things you had! And I can't eat a single item you've posted now :( BOO!!

  12. oh to be allowed to sleep in till 10, maybe 11 in the morning! I don't remember what that's like since having kids ;-)
    That sour cherry tart looks amazing and what I would give to eat that vanilla slice!!! I used to LOVE them (we call the custard squares in NZ), in my pre gluten-free days.

  13. Anna - oh yes, particularly as I usually work on Sundays, it's always precious when I take the day off. :)

    Yasmeen, yes it's hard to pass on sour cherries! And the baguettes, yeah, Simon thought they were comparable to the ones he enjoyed years ago travelling in France.

    Aww, msihua. I hope this diet of yours is a temporary one!

    Heh, Emma. Maybe again, one day. Perhaps you can make gluten-free versions of these treats?

  14. I find freshly baked bread always brings out the best in whatever that goes with it. The sandwiches looks divine!

  15. My mother and i love vanilla slice. She used to buy it for me when i was a child. Haven't had one in years. Must endeavour to find a good one in Sydney. Any suggestions, anyone?

  16. I like a good vanilla slice. But I'd be going for the chocolate and pear looking at the options. Can't go past chocolate!
    I'm now feeling very hungry!

  17. Chopinand, indeed. Fresh bread + fresh fillings = scrumptious sandwiches. :D

    The Food Sage, can't help you there but wish you lots of luck in your search!

    Apple, it's sticky date, not chocolate! Though I'm pretty sure I remember seeing chocolate desserts as well. :)

  18. That baguette looks like just the thing I need right now!! delicious

  19. I hope your every Sunday from now on is as wonderful as this :) I would've opted for the sour cherry and pistachio creation too, because both of those ingredients are beloved in my heart. Bit sad it wasn't phenomenal though!

  20. OMG Where o start - baguette? Sticky Pud? or Custard Slice? 3 of my favs - sounds like a perfect Sunday morning with a sleep in and all! Now to replicate it in Auckland!
    Vanessa and Ingrid Opera

  21. I could do with one of them right now, too, Shellie!

    Thank you Hannah. I did adore the sour cherry section though. Perhaps I'm not a big enough fan of pistachios?

    Thanks for coming by, Vanessa and Ingrid! May you also enjoy many perfect Sunday mornings. :)

  22. ♡°
    º° ♥✿
    Olá, amiga!
    Tudo tão delicioso! Tão bom!!!
    Bom fim de semana!


  23. Wow! That Sticky Date & Pear Pudding looks amazing. Next time in Melbourne I'll have to find this place...

  24. I love Vanilla Slice. And you just don't see it on offer in cafes/restaurants that much any more. Such a shame. But I think it's like all things, they come and go in fashion.

  25. Obrigada, Magia da Inês! :)

    Michelle - it really has a certain attraction, doesn't it?

    Hotly Spiced, now that you mention it, it does almost feel like the good old vanilla slice has a quaint quality to it these days!


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