Monday, 10 January 2011

thai wild lime cafe, south yarra

thai fish cakes

There are quite a few Thai restaurants in South Yarra, but Thai Wild Lime Cafe, tucked away on 69 Davis Avenue, near the corner of Toorak Road, is the one I go to most often for a quick bite or takeaway. Nothing fancy, but it has good food at good prices (under $15 for mains) - what more could you ask from your local Thai? Okay, the seating options aren't so great, and I've had one case of miscommunication where I said I was eating in but ended up with takeaway instead. Still, that is hardly enough to deter me, and it's nice to see it buzz along cheerfully with loyal support from those who live and work around the area.

I went there for lunch a few weeks ago with my parents while they were in Melbourne, and we ordered the following...

For entrée, fish cakes with sweet chilli sauce. My dad was impressed with how beautifully made the sweet chilli sauce was, I found the delicately spiced fish cakes charming, and even mum, who was saying earlier that she wasn't a big fan of fish cakes, decided they were quite nice!

inside the fish cake

Dad's cashew nut and dried chilli chicken stir-fry arrives. The cashew nuts had a nice roasted flavour and crunch to them and the sun-dried chilli added a relaxed hint of heat.

cashew nut and dried chilli chicken stir-fry

This is mum's beef massaman curry. If you like sweet Thai curries, this one - thick with coconut milk and peanuts - would be a good choice. My dad has a sweet tooth and he was happily helping himself to the sauce by the spoonful.

beef massaman curry

I had chicken stir-fried with kaffir lime leaves and lemongrass sauce. This was a fresh and aromatic dish, pleasing to the tastebuds.

kaffir lime leaves and lemongrass chicken stir-fry

Other dishes I've sampled at Thai Wild Lime Cafe include classics such as pad thai, larb gai, and the one dessert they offer - coconut ice cream with sweet sticky rice. All were pleasantly down-to-earth and well executed. If you're after a friendly little Thai place that skips the MSG and makes their sauces from scratch, you could do worse than to give this place a go!

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  1. I would like to eat the ones on top. Yes, the fish cakes. I'll have those ... the next time I'm halfway around the world in Australia. Maybe in a couple of years. Please try to make sure it stays open.

  2. Oh, do let me know if you visit Australia! Meanwhile, my takeaway orders should keep this place in business.

  3. I love Thai fish cakes... yum!


  4. Everything looks so nice and fresh...yum!

  5. Gorgeous fish cakes! Love the name of this place: "Wild Lime"

  6. You got me craving for thai food T_T bad idea to read this 30 min before lunch!


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