Tuesday, 28 December 2010

luxbite, south yarra: macarons, st honores and more!

a black sesame macaron from luxbite.

I visited LuxBite about a fortnight ago after reading about it at msihua's blog here. Its location, on 38 Toorak Rd, South Yarra (near the corner of Punt Rd), was a great one for me - I commute that way very often. It was only natural, then, that I had to go check it out. Especially knowing they have kaya toast macarons. Kaya, that wonderful eggy coconut jam with gorgeous hints of pandan and caramelised sugar. The favourite breakfast spread of so many Southeast Asians. Mmmmm. But moving along...

I have to confess, I very, very rarely eat macarons. I've always thought they were too expensive. But I splurged that day at LuxBite, purchasing a box of 4 for $10, which also got me a bonus extra thanks to a promotion they were running at the time. So in addition to black sesame one pictured above, I also have rose & lychee, kaya toast, blueberry and watermelon yoghurt, all nicely packed in a box.

from front to back: rose & lychee, kaya toast, blueberry and watermelon.

I enjoyed them all. LuxBite's macarons do have a lovely texture - light and airy, their crisp surfaces giving way easily to their chewy insides. Having said that, I most certainly do have my favourites. Out of the five I had, the red and green watermelon yoghurt macaron was particularly lovely with its fresh fruity aroma. And their signature kaya toast macaron is an utterly heartwarming delight that brings me home - the housemade kaya jam is incredibly similar to the the one my parents make. I adore it, yes I do.

luxbite's signature flavour, the kaya toast macaron.

It wasn't long before I made my way back again, this time for one of those spectacular-looking St Honoré cakes I saw on display last time. Unfortunately, they had sold out of the chocolatey ones when I visited. If you can call being forced to settle for the Pierre Hermé inspired Ispahan St Honoré an unfortunate thing...

ispahan st honoré cake with rose, lychee and raspberry.

This tasted - how shall I describe it - pretty. The graceful rose and lychee flavours interacting playfully with the tartness of the raspberries. The little cream puffs. The flaky pastry.

the obligatory cross-section shot of the ispahan st honoré cake.

Suffice to say, I'm very pleased to welcome LuxBite to the South Yarra suburb and I hope they do well. With friendly owners Bernard and Yen at the helm churning out those beautiful desserts, I have a feeling that won't be a problem!

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  1. Oh, how wonderful! Black sesame is my absolute favourite flavour for macarons (of the limited selection I've tried), and having just tried kaya for the first time this year, I'd love to try that too!

    Oh, you Melbourne dwellers are so very lucky :)

  2. Are the macarons here very sweet? Callum told me about luxbite just two days ago. Got me slightly curious. :D

  3. Hannah, I suppose we are pretty lucky! Perhaps you should visit Melbourne often! :D

    Michelle, I actually purposefully went for a not-so-sweet selection of macarons (with Yen's help), and those were the ones I ended up getting. None of them were too sweet for me - I also had them with tea which cuts down the sweetness even more. And now I'm keen on trying other flavours, even the ones that might be a little sweeter!

  4. Macarons has always been in my list-of-to-try bakes. Thank you for stopping by my blog. Nice to know a fellow Malaysian. Wishing you A Happy New Year!

  5. Macarons! Yum! Love the ispahan.

  6. Ooo.. I didn't know you linked back to me :) THanks for that!!!

  7. Thanks kitchen flavours, happy new year to you too! :)

    Thanks for coming by Ellie! Yes these desserts were lovely!

    msihua, you're welcome and after all it's thanks to you that I discovered LuxBite! :D

  8. Wow, I need to go to Melbourne! These macarons look amazing. I would so love to try those black sesame ones.

    I almost went to Australia last year, when i went to fiji for my honeymoon, but we just didn't have time. I only wanted to go there if I had a good amount of time to explore but we only had a few days. I do have it on my list of places to visit someday though.

  9. :O Black sesame macarons? Sounds brilliant! Have been pleasantly surprised by black sesame desserts recently, like black sesame creme brulee...amaaazing!

  10. Roxan, hope you do make it to Australia one day! :)

    I agree Zo - black sesame can be lovely in desserts!


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